Scott Hudgins

marathon runner, member of F3 Nation

I’ll be honest, I resisted going to see Bill even though I knew him through F3. The last time I had done physical therapy was during my days as a college athlete, quite some time ago. I always preferred to try and fix things myself — we all know how well that typically goes! When I tore my calf muscle training for a marathon, my friends encouraged me again to ‘Go see Bill, he is not your typical physical therapist.’ Now, I only wish I would have gone to see him sooner! The physical therapists I know would have treated my calf — but Bill dug until we located all the issues contributing to my calf tear. That was the symptom, not the cause. We found and fixed the root of my problem through treatments and exercise. AND he didn’t make me stop training during treatment! I am truly amazed at how much progress I made just seeing him a couple times. He asks so many questions and genuinely wants to figure out the problem. I never felt rushed with him and he remains invested in my progress. He is almost always the first person I hear from when I have an event. Qualifying for Boston is on my list and it helps to know Bill is there to help me reach that goal. He is my go-to guy — I refer him to everyone!

Unique People = Unique Treatment