Frequently Asked Questions:

We treat any type of musculoskeletal condition that can affect your performance or activity level. Our clients experience joint or muscle pain, such as knee, hip, or foot pain. We also assist clients with pre- and post-op rehabilitation. In addition, we often treat some of the nagging pains that impact your ability to move the way you want to.

Each visit takes approximately one hour. During your appointment time, YOU are the sole focus.  We believe one-on-one treatment is the most effective way to provide physical therapy.

Visits vary based on every patient and condition. There is no edict stating each patient needs to be seen a certain number of visits per week, or a certain amount of times before being released. We believe the less we see you, the better! We aim to offer physical therapy treatments that are both effective and efficient.

Wear what you would be comfortable wearing to workout. Your clothing should allow access to the area being treated; for shoulder or neck issues, wear a tank-top or sports bra, and for leg issues, come to your session in shorts. Please also wear or bring with you the shoes that you typically train in so we can closely simulate your training conditions and identify any relevant limitations or issues.

No! North Carolina is a Direct Access state, meaning that you can see a physical therapist without seeing your doctor first. During the course of treatment, if we find something that is outside of our realm of expertise, we will be sure to refer you to the proper professional.​
Catalyst is an out-of-network provider, meaning we do not directly accept insurance. Being an in-network provider limits the amount of time and effort we can commit to each patient. By operating as a private-pay facility, we are able to devote an entire treatment session to each individual, so you don’t have to wait while we work with another patient. If desired, we do provide documentation to submit to your insurance carrier after each visit, which can help you be reimbursed for expenses directly from your carrier.
We accept cash, check, or credit card, including FSAs and HSAs.