Mindy Sperling

yoga, BMX

Bill has drastically improved my quality of life — I really don’t even have words to express my gratitude that our paths crossed. Following my third pregnancy, I experienced constant right hip pain. It impacted everything in my life — the way I sat, the way I walked, the way I slept. The pain became so unbearable.

Over the next two years, I was treated by five (yes, five!) different physical therapists and had two cortisone injections, but I was still living in daily pain. I was so miserable. I had never had pain that kept me from just doing my daily activities. No one could get to the root of the problem.

Until I found Bill.

As you can imagine, I was weary of any more physical therapists, and Bill didn’t make any promises after talking to me on the phone. But, thankfully, I went for the evaluation and it was the beginning of the rest of my life! My diagnosis had long been sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD), but Bill immediately determined that was no longer the problem. All the muscles around my SI joint — glute, hamstring, quads, hip flexors — were major contributors to my pain.

I had no idea how weak the various muscles were on my right side. Bill taught me about single-leg exercises; I couldn’t believe the difference in my strength on each side. He showed me multiple exercises over 3-5 visits, and on every single visit, I was significantly better. I would say that after five visits, I was 90-95% improved!

I am back up to the fitness level I was before I ever had kids in my athletic activities, and I live without daily pain — all because of Bill! I have an incredible level of trust in Bill. He gave me the tools I needed to address my issues. I advise everyone with any type of pain to see Bill. He’ll change your life.

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