Dr. Lauren Pearce

PT, DPT, CMT, marathon runner

Living in pain had just become part of my world. The entire right side of my body — shoulder, back, hip, knee, foot — had been impacting my life and my ability to run for years. As a fellow physical therapist, first I would recommend not trying to treat yourself, and then, go see Bill! I had been in physical therapy for three years on and off and was nearing the end of my rope. In search of a PT who held specific credentials and experience with high level athletes, I stumbled on Bill. Not only did I meet Bill with a laundry list of pain points, I saw him eight weeks after having a baby. I was sleep deprived and my body was in a completely new state, but he was patient and didn’t make quick judgements on what was wrong. He gave me reasonable exercise expectations for my season of life, so I didn’t feel like a failure. The one-on-one experience makes a massive difference — Bill is completely engaged in my problem and it is clear that what truly makes him satisfied is that I am getting better. At this time, I’m just getting back to running. Before I couldn’t even live life normally — I was a 24/7 patient. As we peel back the layers of my issues, we are addressing the problems in the proper order. I’m encouraged by my progress and grateful to have a physical therapist who is thorough and skilled to work through these intricate issues with me.

Unique People = Unique Treatment