Hit Your Fitness Goals

So, we’re just over three weeks into 2015.  If you’re like 45% of your fellow Americans, you made some type of New Year’s resolution.  Resolutions oftentimes have health and fitness connotations; in fact, 2 of the top 5 resolutions made in 2014 were “Lose weight” (#1 overall) and “Stay fit and healthy” (#5 overall).  Roughly 66% of people who make resolutions each year set some type of fitness goal.  Obviously, overall health and well-being are important for Americans, or at least it seems that way at the beginning of each year.

But according to one study, only eight percent of people that make a resolution are actually successful in achieving it.  Which means out of the ten people that you likely shared a bottle of champagne with on New Year’s Eve, only one of you will actually achieve your goals.

By the end of January alone, one in three people have already ditched their vows to make change happen.  If three of you showed up on a treadmill next to each other right after New Year’s, the chances are that two of you will be gone within four weeks.

Overall, 73% of those who make a resolution give up before they reach their goal.  So what happens as days and weeks pass and we get further away from that January 1st start date that held so much potential?

Well, for people who are getting back into exercise or working out after not doing it for a while (possibly since the end of the previous January?), or people who have never really worked out before at all, one common obstacle is INJURY.  Perhaps you started running outside and twisted an ankle running a trail or even on the side of the road (it happens).  Or maybe you avoided the outside due to the cold weather, and you’ve been working out in a gym.  And perhaps you’ve noticed some nagging hip or knee pain that started after a couple of days on the treadmill.  Or you did bench press for the first time in a long time and now your shoulder hurts.  Or you attempted to squat with some weight on the bar and now your back hurts anytime you try to stand up.

I think by now you are getting my point.  Injuries happen, and unfortunately, as you increase your activity level after having not been active for some time, the probability of an injury or nagging pain happening is increased substantially.  And, unfortunately, the common end result is that you give up on working out because it hurts, and that resolution you were so excited about on January 1st will now go unresolved.  Again.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!  Catalyst Athletic Rehab and Performance is here to help you feel better again.  We’re not interested in you becoming another negative statistic.  We want you to achieve your fitness goal for 2015.  And, we CAN help YOU do that.  We have experience working with athletes and individuals across all fitness levels.  We are able to help you in a variety of ways:

  • If you have a simple injury such as that sprained ankle from running, we can help you get back to running quickly.
  • If running brought on that nagging hip or knee pain that was the reason you quit running last year, we can help correct that as well.
  • If you notice your shoulder doesn’t like to bench press, we can help correct that, and give you exercises to help augment your upper body strength.
  • If you hurt your back doing squats, lunges, or deadlifts, we can help to get rid of the pain, and then work with you to ensure your form and technique will help you stay injury-free while you build strength.

Our mission at Catalyst is to get you back to doing the activities you love (or maybe you don’t love them but really need to do them), so that you can be the person that you want to be and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

So don’t wait any longer.  Don’t become a statistic.  Call us today at (980) 721-6419 to set up your initial evaluation.  We’ll listen to you, we’ll work with you, we’ll encourage you, and we will help you achieve your resolution.  

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