Erica Madden

marathon runner

It is hard for me to know where to begin when sharing my experience with Bill. First and foremost, I’m so grateful for Bill — for his knowledge and expertise as well as his desire to help me reach the goals I want to reach. An avid distance runner, I had an injury I was trying to shake for more than a year before I walked in Bill’s office. At this point, I was skeptical that anyone could help me based on the variety of individuals who had already taken a stab. Bill was consistently curious, searching for the cause and helping me peel back layers to get to pain free. He patiently listened to me babble about how I was feeling and figured out how to attack my problems using a combination of dry needling, manipulation, and plenty of exercises to fix muscle deficiencies.

Bill was the best investment in my health that I ever made. He still is! I immediately defer to him when anything seems out of whack. While treatment with Bill may or may not offer immediate relief, it will definitely offer more long-term, sustainable relief. He is always aiming to determine and resolve the true cause of your problem, not just eliminate your pain. He is worth so much more than the money I have paid him. I encourage anyone to make Bill a teammate on your journey of health and well-being.


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