Cynthia Kelly


If I hadn’t met Bill, I’d probably still be living in pain. Bill has completely changed my body, addressing issues I have had since I was a kid with just a few simple movements and functional exercises. I have learned that so many of the little things we do everyday impact our ability to do workouts. I’m a distance runner and for 15 years I wore a back belt at my day job. Bill realized that I was so used to the brace that I wasn’t moving my back even when I wasn’t wearing the brace! I was frozen and really had to think about how to arch my back. With some regular, simple exercises, we retrained my body and it completed changed how I run for the better.

Bill is so patient, watching you perform movements to dig deep into the cause of your issue. He films you so you can see the difference between proper and improper movements. He is great at pacing your training while you recover so you don’t get injured again.

Bill has been just as impactful to my running as my running coach! Bill corrected things that weren’t at all related to running, but drastically changed my abilities on the road. He has given me tools for keeping my body healthy when I’m at work or doing chores around the house. I’ve very grateful!

Unique People = Unique Treatment